Schools for Strategic Partnership

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The logo competition for the project.

This Erasmus+ project needs a logo to use and  wish therefore for a student proposed logo that we can send to the central website for all to vote for the one who turns out to be the most popular. All countries need to be represented in some form and the theme as well Submit the proposal by Friday this week if you want to be involved in the contest.

Visiting PLAST-MAR, a factory where waisted plastic got new life

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Visiting local authorities during our first transnational meeting

Inowrocław  ['inɔˈvrɔt͡swaf] in Poland was our first visit in this strategic partnership project.

The history of the town told from local authority 

However, before we went to this meeting we got the opportunity to get to know each other as well as the environment a little.  

We went to Toruń, a town nearby the city we stayed in.

And there we visited Copernicus House.

Monday, November 17, 2014

First trip to Poland

Our first school to wisit will be Gimnazjum nr 4 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Zygmunta Wilkońskiego where Katarzyna is the key coordinator for this hole project.

We will fly to Warsaw from Stockholm and from there take a train. Lori our wonderful receptionist who if the lunch ladies are our heart she will be our eyes. She have looked up the best way for us to go to Poland from Sweden.

These pictures are from Google map system with the street view opportunity. 

Some bad news but also some good news

I feel happy despite the bad news about England. They could not manage the project due to some staff changes. So from eight countries we are now seven.

Back to the good news.  I will get company with me on the first rec. trip to Poland by our school lunch responsible Karin Elias. We will have a bulletin board, except for in the stairs just after the entrance, across all our clocks showing time in different parts of the world, also in the lunchroom.  At our school we have three lunch ladies.

My experience when I went to school was that these were sour and harsh. At our school, SIS, they are always in a good mood and makes so much extra for the specific moment to be a nice lunch for us

One can, in a sense to say that the lunch and the staff around the lunch is the heart of the school business. They see all the children and all children know who they are. At our school, the children also has a fruit every morning. It is organically grown and tastes wonderful.

This picture is from our healthy week project in September run by our dean of student Barbro Ahl who also appear on the picture. The others are Karin, Wendy and Monica.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The map of the countries are developing

Now it is only two countries missing.

double Language ambition have to wait

My ambition to write all my posts in both English and Swedish
must wait till later. I do not find the time for that right now. Maybe I can do a summary in december for these first four months.

The 24 th of November will I go to Poland for our first meeting among us the teachers who have initiated this project. I will travel 726 km. I have not decided if I should take the train or two flights. It is time that decides that. If it was environmental economy I should of course take the train.

Today I got a question from a teacher in France what flower as a symbol our country have. But we have many? One for each "Landskap" so I told her the flower for Uppland since SIS is placed in Uppland. That flower is

I am thinking of what kind of present I should bring from Sweden, what is typical Swedish, I must ask the students tomorrow.