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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trees Planted as a tribute to Erasmus+ Joy of learning

Christina Turner and Marie Umerkajeff was in Madrid 2 weeks ago and visited one of the schools participating in the environmental project supported by the EU Erasmus+, Reduce, reuse, recycle - joy of learning. They found that Sweden has come a long way when it comes to converting waste into energy. However the Spanish authorities were very proud of the actual visit.
Next stay will be with students in France and next year is the trip to Poland and the Czech republic. The school planted a tree for each country as a tribute to the educational work across borders.

Planning on a visit to Dijon France in December

We are invited to a school who are preparing a performance, a circus with recycling and other cycling in action for us to enjoy. Four students are coming along. They have been working in enrichment with the energy use for our school and compared it with the other schools. It looks good.

Now they have started to work on a project focusing on how much food we waste, and hopefully the result will be that we do not throw food away.

Madrid in October

We went to a waste industry where we were to tell the others of our routines in our own country - Seden was a role model, let me tell you...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Enrichment group in progress

So far the group for enrichment  have been very devoted and engaged. They have spoken to Mr. Jerry and Mr. Alan about the energy that the school are using and sent the information to Rumania, who will make a presentation out of it. 

They have been in contact with Mrs. Karin who supports their idea on having a contest on which class that is throwing away food the least by putting a scale in the lunch room and making certain people responsible for how to note the difference. The food company is also supporting this event. 

Today they will make posters in a positive way on how to think before taking to much food on the plate - and maybe have to throw it away.