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Friday, December 18, 2015

Together we build a greener and healthier planet and put food on people´s plates!

Students in the enrichment group Reduce, reuse recycle created a project to raise awareness of how much food we throw away unnecessarily when we eat school lunch. Not that the food is not good, but because we take too much on the plate.

Over four days, students were asked to weigh their leftovers. These were compiled by the enrichment group.

Miss. S. Celino's math class grade 7 worked with the figures and presented them in the form of descriptive statistics.

Winning  class was 8 V, not surprising given that two of the students are in enrichment group and probably contributed with their commitment to their classmates.

The class that won, each student received a cinema ticket (19 in this case). Other 5 classes that conducted the experiment all four days gets two tickets per class for those responsible for the measurements.

Now we hope that the new attitude towards food which is not prepared  and cooked only to be thrown away holds.

Thanks to the lunch ladies Karin Elias, Monica Hermansson and Wendy Sanjairag who always are positive to events in the school.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Wastebusters for MYP

We do not want to nag,
we would rather like to
encourage to a better
awareness towards
how much food we
put on our plate.

In order to do so we would
like to run a competition
for a week.

To implement this,
we believe it will be easier
if the class sit together
just for this week during lunch.

Two represents from each class, one girl and one boy
will be responsible for the statistics.

We will have a scale in the lunch room and a bucket and a spatula for each class.

Those responsible will note the weight of the wasted food and divide it by the number that ate.

Put the statistics on paper and report to the Enrichment group ReduceReuseRecycle.

The class that generate the least thrown food is the winner of something nice that will be shared with the hole class.

We think it would be good to do this from Monday next week 30 of November.

If you have any question please let us know!

Mrs. Umerkajeff, Daniel M. & Axel Z. In grade 8 Enrichment with help from Niesa & Angelina in grade 8.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

To Dijon or not

One might ask the question whether a trip can be considered safe or not at the moment. Foreign Ministry of Sweden advises not to stop travelling to France or Paris. 

The decision on wether the trip will be or not has not yet been decided. Meanwhile, the planning must go on, so at them moment the student and I are planning as if we are all going. That is all I can say at the moment.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trees Planted as a tribute to Erasmus+ Joy of learning

Christina Turner and Marie Umerkajeff was in Madrid 2 weeks ago and visited one of the schools participating in the environmental project supported by the EU Erasmus+, Reduce, reuse, recycle - joy of learning. They found that Sweden has come a long way when it comes to converting waste into energy. However the Spanish authorities were very proud of the actual visit.
Next stay will be with students in France and next year is the trip to Poland and the Czech republic. The school planted a tree for each country as a tribute to the educational work across borders.

Planning on a visit to Dijon France in December

We are invited to a school who are preparing a performance, a circus with recycling and other cycling in action for us to enjoy. Four students are coming along. They have been working in enrichment with the energy use for our school and compared it with the other schools. It looks good.

Now they have started to work on a project focusing on how much food we waste, and hopefully the result will be that we do not throw food away.

Madrid in October

We went to a waste industry where we were to tell the others of our routines in our own country - Seden was a role model, let me tell you...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Enrichment group in progress

So far the group for enrichment  have been very devoted and engaged. They have spoken to Mr. Jerry and Mr. Alan about the energy that the school are using and sent the information to Rumania, who will make a presentation out of it. 

They have been in contact with Mrs. Karin who supports their idea on having a contest on which class that is throwing away food the least by putting a scale in the lunch room and making certain people responsible for how to note the difference. The food company is also supporting this event. 

Today they will make posters in a positive way on how to think before taking to much food on the plate - and maybe have to throw it away. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Erasmus+ for Enrichment class 2015-2016

Reduce Reuse Recycle – joy of learning
SIS is part of a project that includes seven schools in Europe from north to south and from east to west Sweden, Poland, Rumania, Czech Republica, France, Spain and Turkey. The project is supported by Erasmus+. The theme of the project is the use of resources.  How we actually can reduce our 'throwaway' mentality! How we can open our eyes to the fact that we borrow from our next generation by making use of more than we give back of our natural environment. A bleak subject, it may seem. But it's never too late to give up - so why do it now? So what is likely for us involved to actually implement in everyday life of school - You are in charge owning your development through a creative project within enrichment. It is based on the desire to do. Wanting to change! and the feeling that it makes a difference! Some of the students in the enrichment group will go on a field trip to France in December and some might go to Turkey next year. I will be there to support your ideas and you will also be able to go on a field trip to either France or Turkey to share your ideas with students from the other schools. Below are the units of work you can chose to work with.

  •       evaluate how you can reduce packaging waste in your home- golden rules;
  •       biodiversity tour to know what biodiversity is and why it is important;
  •       choose one species and prepare migration maps;
  •       create ’green’ tour guides
  •       plant a tree - a day against deforestation - small actions can make a big impact
  •       forest day celebration or other themes for celebration
  •       identify non-native or invasive species in your local environment, research and observe the effects of non-native species on native species
  •       identify and research species and the natural history of a local hiking trail, park or natural area
  •       project to make a school garden or adopt a park
  •       organize an environmental day for others teens (series of workshops) to discuss local environmental issues
  •       organize competition of poetry about project theme
Now the question is how many students feel they want to use their enrichment time for this purpose, I have to wait and see.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Students reflection on the visit to Stockholm

Have you ever been to Sweden? No? We would probably not plan to have vacation in Scandinavian countries in the coming years. After all, the Nordic countries are not as sought-after destination for holiday. But thanks to the Erasmus + KA2 focus on ecology, where our school participated, we got this opportunity and for 8 days we visited the Kingdom of Sweden.
Our journey has given us a lot of useful experience. Not only in terms of activities where we worked at a local international school, like other foreign students from Poland, France, Spain, Romania and Turkey. The very next day after our arrival in Stockholm together we visited the oldest museum in the world and met with Swedish history. Admitted north in completely different colors and has an unshakable tour that just at the time of our stay, the city passed the royal family. Since we were in the right time at the right place, with our own eyes we saw a monarchy.
Activities and experiences were countless, even though we sucked the atmosphere Stockholm glamorous life, even at home, we will absorb the charged days.
And most of us were really unusual to the local weather. But soon we become accustomed to Nordic conditions It was extraordinary to have 8 days in Sweden but we have had not only the time there, but the road itself to the goal.

 Written by Nela Přádková, Elizabeth Bechná

A Theatre Production

In the school year 2014/2015, the Stockholm International School (SIS) had the pleasure to take part of professional knowledge straight from the artistic field in collaboration with students and teachers.

SIS is unique in its kind in Sweden when evaluating drama as a subject by itself from grade 6-10. This project has been implemented with funds from mainly Creative School grants but also the EU funds through the Erasmus+ which SIS during 2014/2017 included a partnership with six other schools in Europe.

The project's theme, Reduce, reuse, recycle - Joy of Learning, has inspired both artists and students in problem solving and creative thinking. We began to use reduced material, tried to reuse it from other subjects and will recycle as much as possible and hopefully all of us will contribute to a more sustainable society in perpetuity. Joy of learning is a constant companion in the subject drama. The method is based on the group's motivation and the techniques in drama are based on the individual needs of tools to master the meaningful aesthetic expression. These experiences will participants carry with them throughout their lives.

The abilities developed in drama are demanded in today's communicative society based on interplay. In drama, we have fun, but in a serious way.

Why The Wizard of Oz?
SIS is an international school with over 60 nationalities that are taught according to the IB's vision, based on everyone's uniqueness which enriches  everyones common experience and the environment. All are equal!

In this story about the young one who is longing for something far away, and the old one who tries to fool his way around being someone else catch all our attention.

Important issues without alluding to any special religion or cultural rite.
The triad of heart, brain and power in the form of courage are the important aspects of being human that we all can relate to even though in this story it is illustrated by a scarecrow, a lion and a tin man.

The main character, come to an important realization! The creative process of a production work of this kind is aching is way forward. What the audience got to experience with us was the ultimate reward – a  theatre play performance which was filmed and can be seen on youtube.    

Friday, June 12, 2015

Answers from teachers survey on the visit in Stockholm

Teachers: 9 (19)
3. Have you imporved your language skills in any way?
1 -
2 no,
6 yes
4. If yes give examples, if no try to describe why not
Because I haven’t used English much.
I’m able to talk to foreigne people.
Daily life.
Improvising, speaking to people.
We are better in use of English (spoken English) more self-confident, more talkative.
Comenius projects activities.
I have improved my grammar skills.
Some teachers do not speak English well or they don’t feel like talking to each other, which is pretty sad.
What has been working well with this visit?
Spending time with the other partners, Discovering different habits (everyday life, teaching) the water cleaning plant was impressive.
Workshops, guided tours.
The visit to historical places, workshops, activities at school.
Accomodation, food, organisation, cleaning factory tour, flexibility of our host’s teachers.
Sigthseeing, teamwork.
What areas would you like to improve for next meeting?
The costs.
I’d like to have had a wellcome party on the first or second day so that the students could have had a better opportunity to socialize.
I’d like a welcoming party so we can know one another. I think we should have had more meetings with Swedish students.
I would prefered we have been forced to mingle from the first moment.
Team building activities and the beginning, communication with children from the host country, more common activities for everybody because of communication.
Everything was perfect.
Everything went well! We got to know a lillte bit about Swedish history and culture.
Our students should do more activities together including talking, playing games, spending free time not only with your country but internationally.

Any other suggestions you may have for our project?
5 -  No
Making common creations (books …) Meet more Swedish teaters & pupils.
In the future I think that we need to do more activities with children from the early beginning.  They need to know each oter, and we can mix them during activities or meals.
More recycling activities.
Planting trees, collecting waste.
More activities for the students with the opportunity to speak English, the students should have stayed in Swedish houses, not in a hotel.

What have you learnt when visiting Sweden?
Beautiful large space, a water place, strange night light (but beautiful) Impressive buildings. Calm people.
Swedish history, culture, tradition, how Swedish people recycle water.
Some culture.
You as a country and people are very good for environment and I like it.
I’ve learnt about culture, traditions, history etc.
Better knowledge of Swedish culture, life style, to be more open to minorities.
I found out things about Sami history and Swedish culture. I observed the way of living of the Swedish people.
I have learnt quite a lot about Swedish culture and customs, I love ‘fika’ : )