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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Erasmus+ for Enrichment class 2015-2016

Reduce Reuse Recycle – joy of learning
SIS is part of a project that includes seven schools in Europe from north to south and from east to west Sweden, Poland, Rumania, Czech Republica, France, Spain and Turkey. The project is supported by Erasmus+. The theme of the project is the use of resources.  How we actually can reduce our 'throwaway' mentality! How we can open our eyes to the fact that we borrow from our next generation by making use of more than we give back of our natural environment. A bleak subject, it may seem. But it's never too late to give up - so why do it now? So what is likely for us involved to actually implement in everyday life of school - You are in charge owning your development through a creative project within enrichment. It is based on the desire to do. Wanting to change! and the feeling that it makes a difference! Some of the students in the enrichment group will go on a field trip to France in December and some might go to Turkey next year. I will be there to support your ideas and you will also be able to go on a field trip to either France or Turkey to share your ideas with students from the other schools. Below are the units of work you can chose to work with.

  •       evaluate how you can reduce packaging waste in your home- golden rules;
  •       biodiversity tour to know what biodiversity is and why it is important;
  •       choose one species and prepare migration maps;
  •       create ’green’ tour guides
  •       plant a tree - a day against deforestation - small actions can make a big impact
  •       forest day celebration or other themes for celebration
  •       identify non-native or invasive species in your local environment, research and observe the effects of non-native species on native species
  •       identify and research species and the natural history of a local hiking trail, park or natural area
  •       project to make a school garden or adopt a park
  •       organize an environmental day for others teens (series of workshops) to discuss local environmental issues
  •       organize competition of poetry about project theme
Now the question is how many students feel they want to use their enrichment time for this purpose, I have to wait and see.