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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Students reflection on the visit to Stockholm

Have you ever been to Sweden? No? We would probably not plan to have vacation in Scandinavian countries in the coming years. After all, the Nordic countries are not as sought-after destination for holiday. But thanks to the Erasmus + KA2 focus on ecology, where our school participated, we got this opportunity and for 8 days we visited the Kingdom of Sweden.
Our journey has given us a lot of useful experience. Not only in terms of activities where we worked at a local international school, like other foreign students from Poland, France, Spain, Romania and Turkey. The very next day after our arrival in Stockholm together we visited the oldest museum in the world and met with Swedish history. Admitted north in completely different colors and has an unshakable tour that just at the time of our stay, the city passed the royal family. Since we were in the right time at the right place, with our own eyes we saw a monarchy.
Activities and experiences were countless, even though we sucked the atmosphere Stockholm glamorous life, even at home, we will absorb the charged days.
And most of us were really unusual to the local weather. But soon we become accustomed to Nordic conditions It was extraordinary to have 8 days in Sweden but we have had not only the time there, but the road itself to the goal.

 Written by Nela Přádková, Elizabeth Bechná