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Friday, December 18, 2015

Together we build a greener and healthier planet and put food on people´s plates!

Students in the enrichment group Reduce, reuse recycle created a project to raise awareness of how much food we throw away unnecessarily when we eat school lunch. Not that the food is not good, but because we take too much on the plate.

Over four days, students were asked to weigh their leftovers. These were compiled by the enrichment group.

Miss. S. Celino's math class grade 7 worked with the figures and presented them in the form of descriptive statistics.

Winning  class was 8 V, not surprising given that two of the students are in enrichment group and probably contributed with their commitment to their classmates.

The class that won, each student received a cinema ticket (19 in this case). Other 5 classes that conducted the experiment all four days gets two tickets per class for those responsible for the measurements.

Now we hope that the new attitude towards food which is not prepared  and cooked only to be thrown away holds.

Thanks to the lunch ladies Karin Elias, Monica Hermansson and Wendy Sanjairag who always are positive to events in the school.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Wastebusters for MYP

We do not want to nag,
we would rather like to
encourage to a better
awareness towards
how much food we
put on our plate.

In order to do so we would
like to run a competition
for a week.

To implement this,
we believe it will be easier
if the class sit together
just for this week during lunch.

Two represents from each class, one girl and one boy
will be responsible for the statistics.

We will have a scale in the lunch room and a bucket and a spatula for each class.

Those responsible will note the weight of the wasted food and divide it by the number that ate.

Put the statistics on paper and report to the Enrichment group ReduceReuseRecycle.

The class that generate the least thrown food is the winner of something nice that will be shared with the hole class.

We think it would be good to do this from Monday next week 30 of November.

If you have any question please let us know!

Mrs. Umerkajeff, Daniel M. & Axel Z. In grade 8 Enrichment with help from Niesa & Angelina in grade 8.