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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ninth Day in Poland and back to Sweden

We happily arrived at Arlanda this morning ... after a long journey

.... which started up a bit stiff but ended up in lots of hugs and wet eyes. 

Bridges were built over Europe between young people with the theme of saving ourselves and our world and cherish diversity.

 Group of students attending Erasmus+ in Poland Reduce reuse recycle - joy of learning.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eighth day in Poland - Old town

Guided tour in Old Town of Warsaw
A guided tour which was very informative. We got to understand that the town was built up after the war which was unbelievable since the old houses had patina which was very similar to Old Town of Stockholm.

Seventh day in Poland - Funka / Warzaw

We did art craft with sweat and tears which all turned out neat.

From Funka in a long bus drive to Warsaw and it rained when we arrived.

We arrived at a new hotel.

Sixth day in Poland - Funka

Leva & Zelda: Today was the day where we left Inowroclaw and went to Funka. After being used to all the bus rides we learnt how to space each other out on the bus so that we could be comfortable and get a maximum space for ourselves. The bus ride was only around 3 hours so it was not too bad. 

When we finally arrived their my first worry was if they had internet, and of course they didn’t as we were in the middle of the forest. Before starting any activities we got our houses and rooms sorted and claimed our beds.  We still had some free time before lunch and the activities so me and Zelda took the opportunity to use the bathrooms. It was an interesting experience as  the bathrooms had a lack of any paper, so we talked to the organisers and soon enough we had some toilet paper. 

Lunch was nice as we got to try some traditional polish soup that turned out to be really good. The others at our table told us that you either hate it or love it and apparently we were the few to love it. 

After lunch we split into groups of our countries and did separate activities. 

Our first activity was a visit to the swamp. It was interesting to learn about its archaeological history. We also got a chance to walk in the swamp but very few volunteered to. Emelie was brave and did walk through some of it. (se other post in this blog)

Our next activity was pottery, so we got to create our own vases or mug’s out of clay.  The last activity which I personally think is the best was the boat ride. The guy who took us on the boat had only learned how to drive it 3 weeks ago, but we learnt that it is fairly easy to learn as we got to help out steer the boat ourselves.  It was nice and refreshing after a long warm day.

Photo by Harry.
The evening promised bonfire.

Daniel: Just as I got comfortable in my hotel room in Inowroclaw, we had to pack and leave for a little village called Funka. Honestly I had no idea on what to expect, I only knew that I was going to be on a bus for a long time.

Ms. Celino enjoys the forest in Funka.

Biodiversity in Poland

By Harry, Emelie & Carl

-Herb garden
-How many virgin forests there are
-How many man-made forests there are
-What herbs are in coexistent relations
-What herbs have negative effects on others
-How people use some herbs

Herb Garden 

In Poland we visited an ecological herb garden where they had compost and non chemical grown herbs and plants. 


All herbs were in coexistent relations, meaning they were helping each other grow. There, we saw a chart that showed which herbs helped other herbs grow and which “fought” each other if they were planted together with the wrong plant.
Poland’s Forests
Poland is the fourth most forested country in Europe with 30% of the land covered by forests.(around 100,000 km2) There are 70 different naturally growing trees in Poland. There are four very common trees in Poland and they are the Scots Pine, Oak, Silver Birch and the Norwegian Spruce. Swamp are made when plants grow over water.

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"Forests of Poland." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 28 May 2016.

Biodiveristy in the world:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Learner Profile Words With Pictures

by Harry, Emelie and Carl


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 16.15.14.png
What are the names of the trees that these leafs comes from
Maple - Lönn
Ash - Ask
English Oak - Engelsk Ek
Willow - Pil
Silver Birch - Björk
Small leaved Lime - Små blad kalk
European White Elm - Europeisk vit alm



Knowledgeable Caring


Thinkers Risk-Takers




spices picture.jpg
Following the recipe of the gingerbread batter




Fifth day in Poland - Solanki Park

On this day, we didn’t have to wake up that early as we got to go back to the Polish school in Inowrocław. We met in the main entrance of the school and were all told to go outside where we were split into groups which mixed all of the countries. 

At this point, we hadn’t gotten to know too many of the other students so it honestly all felt a bit awkward. The group got maps and some tasks to complete. We walked through Solanki park which is where most papers were hidden. Most members of our group turned out to be polish, and spoke quite a bit of polish which turned out to be difficult to follow. 

In these tasks we identified the names of trees and counted certain objects in order to move on. We met after this in a small roofed place where everyone sat together and we started talking to many of the other students. For lunch we had pierogi which is a traditional polish dish with dumplings stuffed with cheese, meat or sweet fillings. We started walking to the school and got ice cream on the way. 

On this day, because it was Axel and Daniel’s first real day there, we got to go shopping in the area where our hotel was where there was a sports store and a grocery store. A couple of us got french fries from a McDonalds which was next to the grocery and we continued back to the restaurant in front of the hotel. We had dessert this night which was a raspberry and cream dessert and an apple pie dessert. After dinner, we returned to our rooms and got ready for bed.

Fourth day in Poland - Gdansk

We had another very early start to the day with breakfast at 6:30 and leaving at 7:00. We were of course late again, but not extremely. The bus ride was around 2 and a half hours long to Gdansk.  

We all separated into our countries and walked around the town a bit, we also had a very luxurious  lunch. Whilst eating the lunch Emelie’s chair fell through the floorboards a bit as the wood was bad. It was a very cute town with cobblestone streets. 

After getting a chance to look around the town we all gathered and went back on the bus to go to the beach. The bus ride was long and we passed time by playing charades and listening to music. When we finally got their we split into small groups and we walked around the area. On one side of the town was a shopping area where us girls went to look around, and on the other side was the beach and some sweet and ice cream shops. We dropped by the beach and sat by the shore for a bit. It was strange to see a bunch of swans just walking around the beach with the public. 

Since it was so warm we went to get ice cream, and had a very unfortunate accident. Emelie’s ice cream accidentally tipped and her ice cream dropped on the floor. The lady that worked there was very nice and gave her a new one. We got the option to walk on the pier and of course we went as we wanted to experience it all. 

On the way back to meet the rest of the group we made an accomplishment by not being the last ones which was good. It had been a long day in the sun and we were all tired so the 3 hour trip back to the hotel was a long one. We were all excited to get back as Axel and Daniel had arrived and the whole group would now be together. We ended the day with homework time.

Axel and Daniel’s opinion on the day of arrival to Poland:

Daniel: On this day, Axel and I arrived in Warsaw Poland meeting Mrs U at the airport. At first glance of arrival Warsaw looked very boring, the country seemed too plain much like Sweden. However my opinion on the city slowly changed after we took the bus to the train station, I witnessed some of the busiest and most exciting streets in Warsaw. 

Funny enough the bus resembled those that are in Stockholm back home. Later on when we finally got off the bus and onto the train I experienced one of the most uncomfortable train rides, due to the unusually hot and breezeless weather. Honestly it could've been a little bit better if there weren't cabins and random people talking a language we didn’t understand (for all we know they could of been talking about us). Anyway we found a way to make it through that hectic train ride and finally found ourselves in a little city called Inowroclaw. 

I arrived in the city with very high hopes of seeing some very different from sweden and I guess my wish came true. The city was so different from what I am used to, the city itself looked very odd and of course the number plates on the car’s. I had noticed that the car’s mostly had “CIN” on their number plates, I still don't know why though.

Axel: Daniel and I had finally arrived at the Warsaw airport and my first impression was that everything looked grey and boring. Daniel already had the Polish currency ( 450 Zloty ) that he had exchanged in Sweden. He exchanged 100 euros on I brought 1000 Swedish kronor and exchanged them at the Polish airport. I got 300 zloty, less than Daniel but paid more.

Third Day in Poland - the school in Inowroclaw

Today we got to spend a little more time with the other members of the groups, as we were going to visit the school. 

We gathered in their auditorium and was warmly welcomed with a few performances, we then presented our speeches about biodiversity, and in our case we just talked about our group, and what we do. 

To get to know each other a bit more we were split into groups and did different activities. 

I (Leva) was put into Graffiti painting, which was fun as we got to decorate a wall with graffiti drawings of animals. Zelda and Emilie were put into baking and baked a cake. Carl was put into a group where they planted a tree for each country. Harry was put into a group where they made a toilet paper tree. As soon as we got back from our activities we did a traditional polish folk dance.

We had a nice lunch in the auditorium after, which was pizza, rather large pizza. The last activity of the day was the fancy dinner at restaurant called the Jozefina.

Second day in Poland - Torun

Leva & Zelda: Today, we got to sleep a bit later which was great because all of us had to wake up very early the previous morning. We woke up and got ready in order to catch a bus that stopped across the park which was right in front of our hotel. 

The bus ride to the science museum took around 40 minutes and stopped right in front of the building. Inside there was a large pendulum that swung from the roof and was attracted/repelled by magnets on either side of it. 

After teachers from the other countries bought the tickets, we went upstairs to the first level where we saw many interesting things including a large hamster wheel. On the other floors, there were other pieces which displayed chemistry, physics and biology. 

Later, we travelled with the bus to a small town in which there was a gingerbread museum. Before we could go into the museum, we had the opportunity to walk around the small town where some of us bought souvenirs, we had lunch and got ice cream. In the museum we talked a bit with the group members who were from Poland. 

We went upstairs and started the activities and learning how to bake “traditional polish peering (gingerbread cookies). This was the last activity of the day and we returned to the bus and the hotel.

Trip to Poland first day

Teachers> Susan Celino, Marie Umerkajeff,
5 students, first 5 days and 7 students last 4 days in total 9 days in Poland. We met up with the six other schools to continue with our joy of learning / reduce reuse recycle.

Leva & Zelda: We had a very early start to the first day by meeting at the airport around 5:30. Our flight was at 7:15 so we had some time to spare once we got to our gates. I think I can say for all of us that we were shocked at the size of the plane as the rows of seats were rows of 2.  

When we finally arrived in Warsaw we got on a bus to the train station so we could catch a train to Torun. Before getting on the train we had a small snack at a polish 7-eleven. 

The train ride was a long 3 hours and we were all very exhausted. The train station was fairly small and had a very limited option for food, so we opted for a polish fast food stand. We all ordered hamburgers, excluding the teachers. The hamburgers were very luxurious as they had been microwaved and the bread had been done in a panini maker. 
It was still interesting to experience the culture, but after the long train ride probably not what we needed. We then got on another train for an hour or so and finally reached our destination, Inowroclaw. We got in a few of the other teachers cars and they kindly drove us to the hotel. We dropped of our stuff and had a break in our rooms before we went out again to explore the park. We grabbed some ice cream and went back. We had a nice dinner at the restaurant across from us, with some complications.