Schools for Strategic Partnership

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Third Day in Poland - the school in Inowroclaw

Today we got to spend a little more time with the other members of the groups, as we were going to visit the school. 

We gathered in their auditorium and was warmly welcomed with a few performances, we then presented our speeches about biodiversity, and in our case we just talked about our group, and what we do. 

To get to know each other a bit more we were split into groups and did different activities. 

I (Leva) was put into Graffiti painting, which was fun as we got to decorate a wall with graffiti drawings of animals. Zelda and Emilie were put into baking and baked a cake. Carl was put into a group where they planted a tree for each country. Harry was put into a group where they made a toilet paper tree. As soon as we got back from our activities we did a traditional polish folk dance.

We had a nice lunch in the auditorium after, which was pizza, rather large pizza. The last activity of the day was the fancy dinner at restaurant called the Jozefina.