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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sixth day in Romania

In the morning on our last day, we met with a high official in Buzu, the president of the city. He started holding a speech and then it was expected by each countries project manager to say a few words.

I said something like:

Sweden have focused on the "joy of learning". Building bridges between people are something more than just an abstract metaphor. We do this by meeting in everyone's environment. Travelling along changes us forever. We must question our pre-conceptions about each other and we do that for sure by meeting in different places. We have here in Romania met a beautiful country, but particularly amazing rare students and staff, which embraced us with open arms. Thanks for inviting and hosting us.

After me it was Turkey who would speak and Ibrahim, who took over after Ezra (she is at home with a small newly arrived baby) was nervous. He made a nice little speech and was obviously relieved afterwards. Nevertheless, I believe that his speech most reached our hearts. The joy and warmth expressed of his voice could not be communicated through internet or a formal meeting.

Fifth day in Romania

We had to see the famous castle where Dracula lived. We went with bus for hours, we first visited one of the most modern castles in Europe when built, The royal castle of Ferdinand.

Fourth day in Romania

more to come

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Third day in Rumania

The third day we went through the mountains, visiting a museum with animals and then a cave in a magnificent natural environment.

more information to come.

Second day in Romania

It has been raining since we arrived, no not the first day that it was really nice. The first day we visited the school where we were divided into different groups.

Then we visited a mud volcano.

A reflection from one of the students:

The Erasmus trip has been a different experience. The primary aim of the trip was to be aware of why we should protect the environment, and I feel like I have learnt a lot about this topic. Through different activities, I am now fully aware of the environmental issues and how we can prevent it. For example, we visited the mud volcanoes in Magura and learnt about the place and how pollution is threatening and polluting the volcanoes. The trip was a good experience which allowed me to be fully aware of environmental issues and the importance of it.

Ms. Anneli teaching Romanian students Swedish and the other way around.

The entire SIS group

Sunday, November 6, 2016

First day in Romania

Started very early in a very snowy Stockholm Sweden at 4:45 at Arlanda Terminal 2.

It was Daniel, Ms. Anneli, Yoonsik, Alejandro, Axel and Ms. U. We flew with AirBerlin in an almost empty plane. The boys could spread out in it and sleep, but they did not, instead they had a deep conversation.

During the day we saw some proof of recycling awareness in Bucharest.

The boys got some LIE to spend in one of the biggest mals of Europe.

Axel bought a set of cards with strange advices on how to socialise with the other gender. 
Ms. Anneli enlightened him with some life skills contradicting the cards. 

The boys are now with their host families and we are at the hotel.

We missed one of the students, Giordan, but heard from her mum that she was coming with another plane due to some misunderstandings. Actually she is on her way right now. Ms. Anneli will go to Bucharest and meet her in half an hour . The head master for the school we are visting has arranged a ride with his car and a driver who speaks nothing but Rumanian, but Ms. Anneli will manage through body language and gestures as the drama teacher she is.