Schools for Strategic Partnership

Sunday, November 6, 2016

First day in Romania

Started very early in a very snowy Stockholm Sweden at 4:45 at Arlanda Terminal 2.

It was Daniel, Ms. Anneli, Yoonsik, Alejandro, Axel and Ms. U. We flew with AirBerlin in an almost empty plane. The boys could spread out in it and sleep, but they did not, instead they had a deep conversation.

During the day we saw some proof of recycling awareness in Bucharest.

The boys got some LIE to spend in one of the biggest mals of Europe.

Axel bought a set of cards with strange advices on how to socialise with the other gender. 
Ms. Anneli enlightened him with some life skills contradicting the cards. 

The boys are now with their host families and we are at the hotel.

We missed one of the students, Giordan, but heard from her mum that she was coming with another plane due to some misunderstandings. Actually she is on her way right now. Ms. Anneli will go to Bucharest and meet her in half an hour . The head master for the school we are visting has arranged a ride with his car and a driver who speaks nothing but Rumanian, but Ms. Anneli will manage through body language and gestures as the drama teacher she is.