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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fourth day in Poland - Gdansk

We had another very early start to the day with breakfast at 6:30 and leaving at 7:00. We were of course late again, but not extremely. The bus ride was around 2 and a half hours long to Gdansk.  

We all separated into our countries and walked around the town a bit, we also had a very luxurious  lunch. Whilst eating the lunch Emelie’s chair fell through the floorboards a bit as the wood was bad. It was a very cute town with cobblestone streets. 

After getting a chance to look around the town we all gathered and went back on the bus to go to the beach. The bus ride was long and we passed time by playing charades and listening to music. When we finally got their we split into small groups and we walked around the area. On one side of the town was a shopping area where us girls went to look around, and on the other side was the beach and some sweet and ice cream shops. We dropped by the beach and sat by the shore for a bit. It was strange to see a bunch of swans just walking around the beach with the public. 

Since it was so warm we went to get ice cream, and had a very unfortunate accident. Emelie’s ice cream accidentally tipped and her ice cream dropped on the floor. The lady that worked there was very nice and gave her a new one. We got the option to walk on the pier and of course we went as we wanted to experience it all. 

On the way back to meet the rest of the group we made an accomplishment by not being the last ones which was good. It had been a long day in the sun and we were all tired so the 3 hour trip back to the hotel was a long one. We were all excited to get back as Axel and Daniel had arrived and the whole group would now be together. We ended the day with homework time.

Axel and Daniel’s opinion on the day of arrival to Poland:

Daniel: On this day, Axel and I arrived in Warsaw Poland meeting Mrs U at the airport. At first glance of arrival Warsaw looked very boring, the country seemed too plain much like Sweden. However my opinion on the city slowly changed after we took the bus to the train station, I witnessed some of the busiest and most exciting streets in Warsaw. 

Funny enough the bus resembled those that are in Stockholm back home. Later on when we finally got off the bus and onto the train I experienced one of the most uncomfortable train rides, due to the unusually hot and breezeless weather. Honestly it could've been a little bit better if there weren't cabins and random people talking a language we didn’t understand (for all we know they could of been talking about us). Anyway we found a way to make it through that hectic train ride and finally found ourselves in a little city called Inowroclaw. 

I arrived in the city with very high hopes of seeing some very different from sweden and I guess my wish came true. The city was so different from what I am used to, the city itself looked very odd and of course the number plates on the car’s. I had noticed that the car’s mostly had “CIN” on their number plates, I still don't know why though.

Axel: Daniel and I had finally arrived at the Warsaw airport and my first impression was that everything looked grey and boring. Daniel already had the Polish currency ( 450 Zloty ) that he had exchanged in Sweden. He exchanged 100 euros on I brought 1000 Swedish kronor and exchanged them at the Polish airport. I got 300 zloty, less than Daniel but paid more.