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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fifth day in Poland - Solanki Park

On this day, we didn’t have to wake up that early as we got to go back to the Polish school in Inowrocław. We met in the main entrance of the school and were all told to go outside where we were split into groups which mixed all of the countries. 

At this point, we hadn’t gotten to know too many of the other students so it honestly all felt a bit awkward. The group got maps and some tasks to complete. We walked through Solanki park which is where most papers were hidden. Most members of our group turned out to be polish, and spoke quite a bit of polish which turned out to be difficult to follow. 

In these tasks we identified the names of trees and counted certain objects in order to move on. We met after this in a small roofed place where everyone sat together and we started talking to many of the other students. For lunch we had pierogi which is a traditional polish dish with dumplings stuffed with cheese, meat or sweet fillings. We started walking to the school and got ice cream on the way. 

On this day, because it was Axel and Daniel’s first real day there, we got to go shopping in the area where our hotel was where there was a sports store and a grocery store. A couple of us got french fries from a McDonalds which was next to the grocery and we continued back to the restaurant in front of the hotel. We had dessert this night which was a raspberry and cream dessert and an apple pie dessert. After dinner, we returned to our rooms and got ready for bed.