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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Second day in Poland - Torun

Leva & Zelda: Today, we got to sleep a bit later which was great because all of us had to wake up very early the previous morning. We woke up and got ready in order to catch a bus that stopped across the park which was right in front of our hotel. 

The bus ride to the science museum took around 40 minutes and stopped right in front of the building. Inside there was a large pendulum that swung from the roof and was attracted/repelled by magnets on either side of it. 

After teachers from the other countries bought the tickets, we went upstairs to the first level where we saw many interesting things including a large hamster wheel. On the other floors, there were other pieces which displayed chemistry, physics and biology. 

Later, we travelled with the bus to a small town in which there was a gingerbread museum. Before we could go into the museum, we had the opportunity to walk around the small town where some of us bought souvenirs, we had lunch and got ice cream. In the museum we talked a bit with the group members who were from Poland. 

We went upstairs and started the activities and learning how to bake “traditional polish peering (gingerbread cookies). This was the last activity of the day and we returned to the bus and the hotel.