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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trip to Poland first day

Teachers> Susan Celino, Marie Umerkajeff,
5 students, first 5 days and 7 students last 4 days in total 9 days in Poland. We met up with the six other schools to continue with our joy of learning / reduce reuse recycle.

Leva & Zelda: We had a very early start to the first day by meeting at the airport around 5:30. Our flight was at 7:15 so we had some time to spare once we got to our gates. I think I can say for all of us that we were shocked at the size of the plane as the rows of seats were rows of 2.  

When we finally arrived in Warsaw we got on a bus to the train station so we could catch a train to Torun. Before getting on the train we had a small snack at a polish 7-eleven. 

The train ride was a long 3 hours and we were all very exhausted. The train station was fairly small and had a very limited option for food, so we opted for a polish fast food stand. We all ordered hamburgers, excluding the teachers. The hamburgers were very luxurious as they had been microwaved and the bread had been done in a panini maker. 
It was still interesting to experience the culture, but after the long train ride probably not what we needed. We then got on another train for an hour or so and finally reached our destination, Inowroclaw. We got in a few of the other teachers cars and they kindly drove us to the hotel. We dropped of our stuff and had a break in our rooms before we went out again to explore the park. We grabbed some ice cream and went back. We had a nice dinner at the restaurant across from us, with some complications.