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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Biodiversity in Poland

By Harry, Emelie & Carl

-Herb garden
-How many virgin forests there are
-How many man-made forests there are
-What herbs are in coexistent relations
-What herbs have negative effects on others
-How people use some herbs

Herb Garden 

In Poland we visited an ecological herb garden where they had compost and non chemical grown herbs and plants. 


All herbs were in coexistent relations, meaning they were helping each other grow. There, we saw a chart that showed which herbs helped other herbs grow and which “fought” each other if they were planted together with the wrong plant.
Poland’s Forests
Poland is the fourth most forested country in Europe with 30% of the land covered by forests.(around 100,000 km2) There are 70 different naturally growing trees in Poland. There are four very common trees in Poland and they are the Scots Pine, Oak, Silver Birch and the Norwegian Spruce. Swamp are made when plants grow over water.

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