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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sixth day in Poland - Funka

Leva & Zelda: Today was the day where we left Inowroclaw and went to Funka. After being used to all the bus rides we learnt how to space each other out on the bus so that we could be comfortable and get a maximum space for ourselves. The bus ride was only around 3 hours so it was not too bad. 

When we finally arrived their my first worry was if they had internet, and of course they didn’t as we were in the middle of the forest. Before starting any activities we got our houses and rooms sorted and claimed our beds.  We still had some free time before lunch and the activities so me and Zelda took the opportunity to use the bathrooms. It was an interesting experience as  the bathrooms had a lack of any paper, so we talked to the organisers and soon enough we had some toilet paper. 

Lunch was nice as we got to try some traditional polish soup that turned out to be really good. The others at our table told us that you either hate it or love it and apparently we were the few to love it. 

After lunch we split into groups of our countries and did separate activities. 

Our first activity was a visit to the swamp. It was interesting to learn about its archaeological history. We also got a chance to walk in the swamp but very few volunteered to. Emelie was brave and did walk through some of it. (se other post in this blog)

Our next activity was pottery, so we got to create our own vases or mug’s out of clay.  The last activity which I personally think is the best was the boat ride. The guy who took us on the boat had only learned how to drive it 3 weeks ago, but we learnt that it is fairly easy to learn as we got to help out steer the boat ourselves.  It was nice and refreshing after a long warm day.

Photo by Harry.
The evening promised bonfire.

Daniel: Just as I got comfortable in my hotel room in Inowroclaw, we had to pack and leave for a little village called Funka. Honestly I had no idea on what to expect, I only knew that I was going to be on a bus for a long time.

Ms. Celino enjoys the forest in Funka.