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Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Theatre Production

In the school year 2014/2015, the Stockholm International School (SIS) had the pleasure to take part of professional knowledge straight from the artistic field in collaboration with students and teachers.

SIS is unique in its kind in Sweden when evaluating drama as a subject by itself from grade 6-10. This project has been implemented with funds from mainly Creative School grants but also the EU funds through the Erasmus+ which SIS during 2014/2017 included a partnership with six other schools in Europe.

The project's theme, Reduce, reuse, recycle - Joy of Learning, has inspired both artists and students in problem solving and creative thinking. We began to use reduced material, tried to reuse it from other subjects and will recycle as much as possible and hopefully all of us will contribute to a more sustainable society in perpetuity. Joy of learning is a constant companion in the subject drama. The method is based on the group's motivation and the techniques in drama are based on the individual needs of tools to master the meaningful aesthetic expression. These experiences will participants carry with them throughout their lives.

The abilities developed in drama are demanded in today's communicative society based on interplay. In drama, we have fun, but in a serious way.

Why The Wizard of Oz?
SIS is an international school with over 60 nationalities that are taught according to the IB's vision, based on everyone's uniqueness which enriches  everyones common experience and the environment. All are equal!

In this story about the young one who is longing for something far away, and the old one who tries to fool his way around being someone else catch all our attention.

Important issues without alluding to any special religion or cultural rite.
The triad of heart, brain and power in the form of courage are the important aspects of being human that we all can relate to even though in this story it is illustrated by a scarecrow, a lion and a tin man.

The main character, come to an important realization! The creative process of a production work of this kind is aching is way forward. What the audience got to experience with us was the ultimate reward – a  theatre play performance which was filmed and can be seen on youtube.