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Friday, June 12, 2015

Answers from teachers survey on the visit in Stockholm

Teachers: 9 (19)
3. Have you imporved your language skills in any way?
1 -
2 no,
6 yes
4. If yes give examples, if no try to describe why not
Because I haven’t used English much.
I’m able to talk to foreigne people.
Daily life.
Improvising, speaking to people.
We are better in use of English (spoken English) more self-confident, more talkative.
Comenius projects activities.
I have improved my grammar skills.
Some teachers do not speak English well or they don’t feel like talking to each other, which is pretty sad.
What has been working well with this visit?
Spending time with the other partners, Discovering different habits (everyday life, teaching) the water cleaning plant was impressive.
Workshops, guided tours.
The visit to historical places, workshops, activities at school.
Accomodation, food, organisation, cleaning factory tour, flexibility of our host’s teachers.
Sigthseeing, teamwork.
What areas would you like to improve for next meeting?
The costs.
I’d like to have had a wellcome party on the first or second day so that the students could have had a better opportunity to socialize.
I’d like a welcoming party so we can know one another. I think we should have had more meetings with Swedish students.
I would prefered we have been forced to mingle from the first moment.
Team building activities and the beginning, communication with children from the host country, more common activities for everybody because of communication.
Everything was perfect.
Everything went well! We got to know a lillte bit about Swedish history and culture.
Our students should do more activities together including talking, playing games, spending free time not only with your country but internationally.

Any other suggestions you may have for our project?
5 -  No
Making common creations (books …) Meet more Swedish teaters & pupils.
In the future I think that we need to do more activities with children from the early beginning.  They need to know each oter, and we can mix them during activities or meals.
More recycling activities.
Planting trees, collecting waste.
More activities for the students with the opportunity to speak English, the students should have stayed in Swedish houses, not in a hotel.

What have you learnt when visiting Sweden?
Beautiful large space, a water place, strange night light (but beautiful) Impressive buildings. Calm people.
Swedish history, culture, tradition, how Swedish people recycle water.
Some culture.
You as a country and people are very good for environment and I like it.
I’ve learnt about culture, traditions, history etc.
Better knowledge of Swedish culture, life style, to be more open to minorities.
I found out things about Sami history and Swedish culture. I observed the way of living of the Swedish people.
I have learnt quite a lot about Swedish culture and customs, I love ‘fika’ : )