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Sunday, November 16, 2014

double Language ambition have to wait

My ambition to write all my posts in both English and Swedish
must wait till later. I do not find the time for that right now. Maybe I can do a summary in december for these first four months.

The 24 th of November will I go to Poland for our first meeting among us the teachers who have initiated this project. I will travel 726 km. I have not decided if I should take the train or two flights. It is time that decides that. If it was environmental economy I should of course take the train.

Today I got a question from a teacher in France what flower as a symbol our country have. But we have many? One for each "Landskap" so I told her the flower for Uppland since SIS is placed in Uppland. That flower is

I am thinking of what kind of present I should bring from Sweden, what is typical Swedish, I must ask the students tomorrow.