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Friday, June 12, 2015

Answers from students on the survey of Stockholm visit

Survey for Stockholm visit Erasmus+ June 1-7  - 2015
Students: 21
2. If you are a student how old are you?
12, 15, 12, -, 14, 13, 12, 13, 11, 14, 13, 14, 14, 15, 14, 15, 15, 16, 15, 15, 15
3. Have you imporved your language skills in any way?
Yes 20
No 1
4. If yes give examples, if no try to describe why not
3 - In pronouncing and understanding.
Cause we didn’t need to speak English our teachers did it.
2 - I can understand well.
Vocabulary, It is easier to make sentences.
Speaking to other people.
I can speak with my Frech friends.
Common project activities.
I have improved my grammar skills and completed my vocabulary. I became better at speaking in public.
I have improved my grammar skills and my language.
I speak English with other studnets from another country.
2 - When we were talking with people here on Erasmus+ with Swedish people during presentation.
Because I have to listen English and speak English to survive, I know some new vocabulary.
Because I have understood all the people of different countries.
Because I try to understand the people when they speak.
Because I hear talk to persons in English and I understand.

What has been working well with this visit?
Visits and shopping, spending time with friends, discovering Sweden.
The days in the school playing.
3 - Visits and shopping, spending time with friends, discovering Sweden, discovering Sweden.
6 - Everything was perfect (or well).
The King castle visit, Being and meeting friends.
There was few occasions to spel to other people.
I have improved my language.
We got to know a little bit about Stockholm, we learned about the history and culture of Sweden.
2 - That we tried to speak English for a longer time then in our countries.
The activities.
Hotel, som many places to visit, games, organisators, something about Swedish traditions and life.
The downtown.
2 – Turism.

What areas would you like to improve for next meeting?
4 - Walk less.
I wont be here in the next meeting.
Maybe the hotel and dishes.
I think the hotel.
2 - Hotel
I don’t know, I liked it like it was.
I would like to talk to people who know English well.
Nothing, it was amazing and very interesting.
I don’t want to improve anything for next meeting, because I like how it is now.
2 -Better way to communicate among other countries students.
More communication between students, games were we meet themselves.
Speak more.
Socialisation with others.
Speak with persons.

Any other suggestions you may have for our project?
3 - More craft activity.
2 - I would like to do gardening activities.
Collecting waste, planting trees.
2 - No I do really not have other suggestions.
No I don’t have, because this project it’s amazing.
Make teams where is one student from each country.
Try to speak more English with the students.

What have you learnt when visiting Sweden?
3 -There are good music bands.
The weather, the food.
4 - I have learnt Sweden history.
Many little things, there is a king in Sweden and schools are different.
I have learnt about other cultures.
I’ve learnt that Sweden is amazing. I know now how to recycle and how to protect the nature.
I have learnt how to fuse glass and stump bottles. I found our things about Sami history and Swdish culture. I observed the way of living of the Swedish people.
I have learnt how to make glass and that Stockholm is amazing and that a day can be never ending.
I’ve learnt that Sweden is amazing. We have to destroy the pollution. I know now how to recycle and how to protect the nature.
2 – That you don’t have to speak in the same language when you want to talk with people.
Something about Swedish tradition and life, making beautiful things from fabric, how water gets cleaner, Swedish games.
2 - More English.
Other culture and English.