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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reflection of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle trip to Czech Republic (26.03 - 02.04 2017)

Name: Carmen Koidumäe
Role in Project: Student

My highlight of the week:

This trip gave me the opportunity to learn about Czech Republic and how to save water from getting polluted. During this trip I also met a lot of new people from different nations: Romania, France, Spain, Poland, Czech and I made many new friends. We shared our knowledge about recycling saving the environment.
I got a new experience by living with a Czech family,  I got to know some of their daily habits and traditions. I am really grateful for the family and Natalie for taking me into their home.
My favorite part of the trip was going sightseeing in Prague because the city was so beautiful. Also I really loved when I had the opportunity to touch the stingrays at the zoo.
The program was well planned, we always had something to do. The teachers had done a great job with this trip and they always informed our parents what we were doing. My parents were really pleased with this approach.  

What could have gone better:

Well the family I was staying with did not speak any English. So it was very hard for me to communicate with them. But luckily I had a roommate from Spain who could speak English. Overall it was manageable.