Schools for Strategic Partnership

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Name: Braydon Wright
Role in Project: Student

  1. What were your impressions from this trip to the Czech Republic?

Before going on the trip, I had absolutely no ideas (or impressions) about what the Czech Republic. The only insight I had was through my Czech friend, Tom, (who also accompanied me on the trip) that told me a bit about what it might be like. Once arriving, I quickly learned that the Czech Republic was not only very pristine and antique, but also very organized, modern, and clean. Prague was like a mixture of old and new. Also, I really enjoyed being out in the czech countryside, it was absolutely beautiful.

  1. The focus for this trip was upon the concept of water. What is your personal thoughts on water usage and has it changed since/ during this trip to Czech Republic?

Personally, I have always believed that water pollution was a relatively small problem in the grand scheme of things. However, over the course of this trip, I've learned that water pollution is a much larger and much more prominent issue than I had first thought. At the animal shelter, we were able to see some of the effects that water pollution (plastic to be specific) can have on native wildlife. We saw birds that lived on an island over 2000 kilometers from any other mainland. On the island, lots of plastic washes up. The birds consume the plastic and it causes them to die.We also learned at the mill and at the hydroelectric power plant how water can be used to create clean energy for us humans to use without any real harm to the environment.

  1. What was your most memorable part of this trip to the Czech Republic and why?

For me, the most memorable part of the trip was most definitely the truck-riding experience. It was really quite an amazing thing to do and I enjoyed riding with the new friends I had made from the other countries. I really took advantage and rode on all five different trucks available.