Schools for Strategic Partnership

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Name: Tomas Tuma
Role in project: Student

  1. What were your impressions from this trip to the Czech Republic?

Before this trip I had few ideas what it would be like and how it would look like. The only thing that I was a bit worried was the host family that was taking care of me. I knew that our Swedish group would go to the old Prague to see some sights. I was also expecting that we will stay for the night in a hotel. What I was not expecting was that we will be staying in a such a nice place. I was so glad that I had the opportunity to come back to my country and explore it and eat some wonderful Czech food too. Another thing that I was impressed about was the awesome sunshine. My host Jakub became a very good friend and I hope we will stay in touch for a long time and that one day he could come visit me in Stockholm.

  1. The focus for this trip was upon the concept of water. What is your personal thoughts on water usage and has it changed since/ during this trip to Czech Republic?

I learned a lot of new things that were mentioned during our presentation. Beside that I was taught how the water mill works and how the energy is created by the mill-wheel. We also visited the hydroelectric power plant in Dlouhe Strane which was very interesting and new to me. I have never been to one before. I got to know how the electricity is created by the water flow. After this trip I really started to think of how the water is wasted and tried to come up with few solution for it. For example my brother was taking shower and I told him to not drain the water so I can take a bath after him. Or to mop the floor with the water or water the flowers.

  1. What was your most memorable part of this trip to the Czech Republic and why?

My most memorable part of the trip to Czech Republic was living in Novy Jicin. I was quite impressed of how such a small town has a rich and colorful history. All the sights weren’t famous, but they had much more interesting facts and details.

My second most memorable part of the journey was the Tatra museum and the testing place where the cars are checked before sending them to their owners. We had the opportunity to be part of the testing and we could choose the truck that we would like to go in.

My third most memorable part of this journey was the Goodbye party. I got to know many people and their cultures. During this Disco party everyone suddenly became open and I had the opportunity to talk to them and share my stories.